i’m such a parochial dipshit that i got excited that this happened at a bar i go to sometimes


the comedy bang! bang! tv show is less funny by degrees than the podcast because it’s a scripted, edited show played as though it were a live talk show and that sucks out a metric fuckload of the comedy from it and i kinda think I hate it

like they try to take character bits from the podcast that were improvised and turn them into scripted edited bits for the show and it just does *not* work at all

i kinda feel this way too and yet i want to like it so much


Terrible groups of college kids partying is back in full force. When do they start blending into the background again?

finals week is 12/13 - 12/20 :(((((((((((

tonight i found $40 in my pocket and decided to spend it getting drunk. it worked out well. my first two drinks - a beer and a cocktail - were paid for by a friend, leaving me with a surplus $40 and a legit buzz. so i went to a bar where my friend was working. i got a beer cocktail and a shot of Génépy, an obscure liquor from the Italian Alps, for basically nothing, leaving me with a surplus $40 and a generous buzz. I left $20 there because why not. We then went to another bar and I had a single Jack D’Or and left another $20 because why not. While I was there I drunkenly espoused a quite controversial philosophical opinion of mine which was very unpopular. Two members of our party even left the table, scandalized by my ideas! But my remaining audience was receptive, and after all was said and done I’d managed to convince them of the legitimacy of my idea. I’m not usually a good arguer so that was a good moment for me. I left another $20 for a single beer, figuring I’d buy my friends’ drinks. Now I’m home eating leftover mac-and-cheese with hot sauce and “blogging” about my evening. It’s getting pretty meta.